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The lamination process makes Heather Oak Kiln Sticks more durable, with longer life than ordinary wood.

Less shrinkage means reliable dimensions and assures precise stick alignment, even in automatic sticker machines. Reduced warping and splitting also means fewer trips to the hog.

The consistent size of Heather Oak Kiln Sticks helps you realize a more uniform air flow, reducing drying time and increasing lumber yield.

Since stacking procedures are simplified, increased average-output-per-shift should result.

Whole knots, slope of grain, and other large flaws are cut up in the veneers and randomly dispersed throughout the finished product. This assures consistent strength piece-to-piece.


Why LVL Kiln Sticks La$t . . . and La$t . . . La$t!

For dry kiln operators, the problem is as old as the profession itself: ordinary wood kiln sticks warp and twist after just a few passes through the kiln, and vary as muchn as 1/4" in thickness. They jam stickering machines, or become brittle and break during hand stacking.

It's costly in terms of wasted materials and man-hours. In addition, kiln sticks can pass along that crookedness to the wood it separates.

Heather Oak "Long Life" Kiln Sticks alleviate many of the problems common to ordinary kiln sticks and do it for a substantially lower cost per turn.

How? The laminating process creates a kiln stick with superior strength, stiffness and uniformity. Knots and other wood defects are distributed throughout the piece so there are no concetrated areas of weakness to cause early breakage. And, because they are dried in manufacturing, they won't shrink and they'll last longer.


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